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    In the film and television industry many shooting days require hiring extra help, called additionals or dayplayers.

    Each department has different reasons for needing extra help. For example: set PAs need people for a large lock-up on New York City streets, grips to load equipment into a difficult location, and costumes, hair & make-up to get a large amount of extras dressed & camera ready.

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    Across almost every department - a supervisor gets the shooting schedule, texts their favorite dayplayers, waits for responses, then continues to send texts until positions are filled. If positions remain unfilled, the supervisor sends out more texts asking for recommendations. Besides being inefficient, it becomes almost impossible when the industry is busy -- and New York is expecting FOURTY-THREE television shows this summer.

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    "What's Your 20" is an app that allows supervisors to hire their preferred dayplayers while simultaneously requesting recommendations for open positions. Combining work profiles, shared calendars and ranking systems, “What’s Your 20” assists supervisors to manage schedules more effectively by allowing dayplayers to provide input on work schedules and recommend additional potential candidates when unavailable.



    Each member can star their favorite people to work with, hide members they don’t like and even notate who they don’t know.  In this way, they encourage supervisors to hire new people they like working with, ensuring they will have a more enjoyable work day.  This app would also create a community where they can connect and create much needed transparency on available jobs and who is working where.


    But that's enough going on about it - watch the video below to learn more about how it works!



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